The wild mushroom harvest in the province of British Columbia, Canada, contributes millions of dollars to local economies. These mushrooms -- found in both forests and non-forest environments -- are referred to as non-timber forest products (NTFP). We have identified around 100 NTFP mushrooms that are or potentially are of economic importance to the province. For this first year (2003), we have chosen twelve major species that are harvested in the province for commercial purposes. This site brings together the scientific and technical information on the provinces NTFP mushrooms. We describes in detail the characteristics of each mushroom that includes its morphology, synonyms, common names, ecology, habitats, and look-alikes. We also provide distribution maps and interesting facts about each mushroom. We will describe the remaining species over the next two years.

S. Gamiet, S.M. Berch, P. Kroeger, C. Roberts, R. Winder and A. MacKinnon.

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