Ionut Aron gave permission to examine and photograph mushrooms in the University of British Columbia’s Malcolm Knapp Research Forest.

Adolf Ceska helped with field collecting and provided photographs.

Oluna Ceska helped with field collecting.

John Dennis provided photographs and the digital map of B.C.

Tyson Ehlers provided NTFP mushrooms.

Trina Innes posted the website, and FORREX continues to host our document on the World Wide Web.

Jean Marc Moncalvo provided research papers and answered many nomenclatural questions on Lyophyllum decastes.

Lorelei Norvell promptly answered many questions about mushrooms and their taxonomy and nomenclature and provided additional information during a thorough peer-review of this site.

Scott Redhead provided access to the national herbarium in Ottawa, provided mycological research papers, and permitted us to use the camera lucida.

Christine Roberts created all illustrations and retains the rights to them all.

Terry Taylor peer-reviewed this site.

Steve Trudell provided input on mushroom taxonomy and nomenclature and provided us with photographs.

Alan Wiensczyk peer-reviewed this site.

Forest Innovation Investment (FII) provided funding for this project.

Fiona Gamiet and Mike Jorgensen at Articulate Designs did all of the web-related artwork, graphic and web design.

Darcy Mitchell, Bill Chapman, and Marty Kranabetter encouraged and supported this project by writing letters of support for our project proposal.

Photographs were provided by:

Shannon M. Berch, Kent Brothers, Michael Beug, Adolf Ceska, John Dennis, Sharmin Gamiet, Paul Kroeger, Bill McLennan and Steve Trudell.

All photographers retain the rights to their images and use of their images requires their permission.

Steve Trudell is a mycologist Seattle Wa, U.S.A. For permission to use any of his photographs, contact him by e-mail at or by phone at 206.721.0552. Normally there is no charge for personal or non-profit educational uses for using his photographs.

We can be reached at:

Sharmin Gamiet:
Paul Kroeger:
Christine Roberts:
Shannon Berch:
Richard Winder:
Andy MacKinnon:


Taxonomy and Descriptions


Mushrooms from Old-growth Forests in South Coastal B.C.

Mushrooms from the Pacific Northwest Part of North America


Non-Timber Forest Products

British Columbia Ministry of Forests: Non-Timber Forest Products

FAO Non-Wood Forest Products, United Nations

Northern Forest Diversification Centre, Manitoba

Non Timber Forest Products, United States

Non Timber Forest Products North Island, NTFP Demonstration Project

Fungi and Ecology