Photo: © Steve Trudell
Amanita porphyria
(Alb.& Schw. ex Fr.) Secr.

Pileus: 3.5 - 4.0 cm broad; convex to parabolic at first then umbonate, occasionally depressed; margins incurved to inrolled at first then straight and even at maturity, at times with veil remnants; surface dry to moist with appressed fibrils and with irregularly sized warts; when young, disc dark brown becoming paler towards margin, when mature, light to greyish brown; warts buff to dark grey to greyish orange; context 3 - 4 mm at junction with stipe, moist, fragile, white to grey, darker directly underneath cuticle; taste mild; odour indistinct to earthy.

Lamellae: Ascending to notched when young, then becoming free at maturity; spaced average to crowded; edges even to fimbriate; white to ivory when young becoming pallid to grey when mature, becoming grey when bruised; 1 - 3 lamellulae present.

Stipe: 6.0 - 10 cm long X 0.4 - 0.8 cm wide at apex, 1.0 - 2.0 cm wide at base; equal to tapering upwards, with an abrupt flattened bulb; surface dry, pruinose to scabrous at apex above annulus, below annulus striate to fibrillose with appressed fibrils banding towards base; colour pallid to buff, light grey especially towards base.

Annulus: Membranous, superior (located at top 1/3 of stipe); at first attached then becoming movable and often disappearing; grey, upper surface longitudinal striate, under surface pruinose.

Volva: Grey membranous, attached, tightly adhering to stipe base, with a narrow free rim at the apex, sometimes with patches above the volva.

Microcharacteristics: Spore print print; spores 7 - 11 X 7 - 9 µm, globose to subglobose, smooth, amyloid; globose hymenial sterile cells abundant.

Comments: This species has a solitary to scattered habit and is recognized by its greyish brown membranous annulus and the bulb at the base of the stipe with its tightly adhering grey volva.

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