Photo: © Steve Trudell
Gomphus floccosus
(Schw.) Singer

Pileus: 3 - 12 cm broad; cylindric when young, developing a deep central depression that becomes a hollow center, trumpet to funnel shaped at maturity; when young margins incurved and even becoming uplifted to wavy, undulating and eroded with maturity; surface dry to moist, at times smooth but usually with appressed scales when young, when mature with large coarse prominent erect scales especially towards the centre and in the depression, scales becoming recurved at maturity; centre dark orange to orange red to brownish orange-red when young, fading to pale orange towards margins, becoming light orange to pale red when mature; context firm, fibrous, white to pallid; taste mild; odour indistinct.

Hymenium: When young as shallow wrinkled ridges or folds that become more prominent with age; strongly decurrent; repeatedly forking towards margins; colour when young, orange yellow becoming pallid to yellowish white when mature.

Stipe: 3 - 12 cm long X 1 - 3 cm wide at apex, 0.5 - 2.0 cm wide at base; tapering downwards, continuous with pileus, surface dry, tomentose, unpolished, yellowish orange when young becoming pallid to white when mature; context firm, solid at first then hollow, but at times hollow at apex, solid at base, white to pallid.

Microcharacteristics: Spore print pallid to yellowish; spores 15 - 19 X 6 - 9 µm, spindle shaped, smooth, inamyloid.

Comments: This species is gregarious in habit. It is easily recognized by the funnel to trumpet shaped fruiting body and the prominent and coarse scales. Its deep orange colours separate it from other similar species.

Further Reading:

Thiers, H.D. 1985. The Agaricales (gilled fungi) of California. 3. Gomphidiaceae. Mad River Press, Eureka Ca. pp 20.